Writing that post about how I used to blog reminded me I used to write a lot more about TV than I do now. I was 19 when I started blogging. It was a lot about my favourite shows.

A few months ago, I discovered movie-web.app (it's now been taken down and c&d'd into oblivion, of course, but there are mirrors if you know where to look) (lemme know if you don't). It's a website that scrapes every streaming service. And since then, I've found everything I've ever searched (save one: Scientific American Frontiers).

One weekend in February, I watched the entire first season of Heartstopper. Cute, but then I stopped there.

I watched the first ep of Veep, didn't care for it, then watched a couple episodes of The Thick of It instead.

Elisabeth loves Leverage, and we watched the reboot, Leverage: Redemption, together during our 2022 trip, but I had actually never watched the original. I knew so much about it, from her, from gifs, from fandom, that some episodes felt as familiar as a rewatch.

The first couple seasons of Derry Girls also felt like déjà vu after all the gifs I've seen—tho the parents are really getting short shrift from fandom.

They rebooted Frasier, but I'm really not interested in that show without the supporting cast, so I went back and watched the first couple eps of the old one instead.

I'm still working through Deep Space Nine, tho I haven't gotten very far. This show had a rough first season. It's not quite sure what it's trying to do yet.

The same way I was a TNG girl, I was an ER girl. It was the first show my parents let me stay up to watch. ER was on at 10pm, last slot of the primetime block, but my bedtime was 10:30. So that one day a week, I was allowed to stay up until 11 and watch the whole show. (Why didn't you just tape the show, Jess? We only had one TV!)

It means I never got into Chicago Hope; I already had MY doctor show. But I've been listening to Sunday in the Park with George (I listened to Hamilton for the first time in a long time, I watched some Ham4Hams, then I watched the "Sunday" Times Square performance after Sondheim died, and then I listened to the original cast recording on repeat for like a week), and I wanted more Mandy Patinkin. (I've already seen Criminal Minds.)

Because I'm out of Leverage now, I tried watching The Librarians. Absolutely terrible show.

Tried watching The Fisher King (which I've never seen), and then The Birdcage (which I've seen a dozen times)—guess I'm missing Robin Williams—but I just wanna watch 42 minutes of TV right now, not a movie. This probably has nothing to do with my decimated attention span.

I really wanna get back to All Of Us Strangers, but I know it's gonna devastate me, so I've kind of been avoiding it.

Watched the end of this season of 911 live because Maddie and Chimney finally got married. I marathoned that whole series in three weeks during January 2023 (yes, I was depressed), but I don't have a TV, so I never watch anything live anymore. But last month, I was at my parents's house, catsitting while they're on a cruise, and 911: Lone Star (my actual fave) doesn't come back until the fall, and now Buck is canonically bisexual. So I'm watching 911 again.

When my parents finally got home, they were sick. So I'm sick, and I have been since May 12. My attention span has shrunk even further.

A short list of shows I've tried to watch and haven't finished: House, Fawlty Towers, Night Court, The Office, Red Dwarf, The Thin Blue Line, SWAT, Wings. Can't even watch 22 minutes of a sitcom. I'm living off gifs these days. That's the most my brain can process for now.

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