Veronique made a calling card in zine form. I might do this.

(In fact, I might do this today. I've been streaming again, looking to find some zinemaking motivation again.)

Here's a Mastodon bot that only tweets quotes from the Frog and Toad books by Arnold Lobel. I teach a couple of these books. They're great for teaching primary school kids to the concept of being "down in the dumps."

"Amanda, there is no audience."


I read that Star Trek: Discovery's new season continues the story of the TNG episode, "The Chase," so I rewatched that ep, and then "Time's Arrow," because it's the same season and one of my faves. And then I started DS9 from the beginning. TNG was MY Star Trek (as in the Star Trek that was on TV when I was 13), and for some reason, I just never got hooked on DS9. Maybe we didn't have cable then? But I always wanted to get hooked, just like I've wanted to watch Discovery and Strange New Worlds, but there really is too much to watch.

Yesterday, I watched most of season 3 of 911: Lone Star, because when I first got hooked on that show, only the first two seasons were streaming in Canada. I watched the rest of it on YouTube—via edited clips of my two fave characters. So I had missed a lot.


Did you know YouTube has video games now? My brother and his wife and I were discussing the new Stardew update, and I was trying to explain my platonic ideal farming game. Farm Land is definitely one version of it. It's the perfect couch game to play while you're mostly doing something else.

Punk recommended a game called Good Pizza, Great Pizza that looked good enough on first play that I paid to get rid of the ads, and now I'm on Day 35. I don't usually play games on my iPad, and now I'm playing two, oops.

Sunday April 14