The spring Electric Zine jam just started today. Make a zine using Nathalie Lawhead's Electric Zine Maker and submit it before June 4th.

I might make something about birds. I just discovered this challenge list for April: #aptrill.

And if that's not enough birds for you, COOP is a zine all about chickens.

On Instagram, there's MoZiPro: That Monthly Zine Project. The theme for April is random acts of kindness.

I gotta start collecting zine templates because I come across so many. We've all made one. (Here's mine!) This template is part of a new collection of public resources called Unprintable.

Shay Mirk has a template, too, and they also release so many other zines you can download and print. The latest is all about the upcoming solar eclipse.

That should keep you busy this spring. Remember: International Zine Month is July!

(Should I do NaMaZiMo again?!?)

zines! zines! zines!