I'm already tired of AI infecting everything online. I'm annoyed at Tumblr for selling our content. I never want Google to summarize a webpage for me. And now I'm fed up with Notion and all the AI buttons they're shoving in my face.

No, I don't want to ask AI.

screenshot from Notion with round button options reading Get started with Ask AI, To-do list, Weekly plan, journal, Table. A small round button with sparkle emoji is in the bottom right hand corner.
This is at the bottom of every blank page.

No, I don't want to upgrade my plan for more AI features.

Screenshot of the Notion sidebar with book emoji reading log and below that arrow pointing up emoji Upgrade plan
This is now a permanent part of my sidebar.

No, I don't want Notion AI to tell me anything.

Screenshot of the Notion menu bar options which put Ask Notion AI about... above the user's content
These are my menu bar options.

I just want to use your app to collect my own ideas and do my own brainstorming and write my own words. Why doesn't any software company understand that I like to make my own stuff? I enjoy using my own brain. It's hard sometimes, but that's what makes the results feel so good!

Anyway, if you've got recommendations for a notes app that isn't selling out their users to AI, I'd love to hear them.

Notion, you suck