It's been 134 days since October 7, 2023, since the most recent war in Gaza began. I was so grateful to discover this document of resources for Canadians, a list of suggestions, scripts, letters, and petitions.

I've been sending faxes (5 free daily with FaxZero) to Justin Trudeau (PM), Chrystia Freeland (Deputy PM), Mélanie Joly (Minister of Foreign Affairs), and my MP, Kerry-Lynne Findlay. (Since I started, not a single one of my faxes to Findlay's office have succeeded 😡) Today's document I sent them is a letter from six Canadian unions, asking Trudeau to reinstate funding to UNRWA.

There are two parliamentary petitions Canadians can sign:

  • e-4745: calls for a two-way embargo on arms between Canada and Israel. This petition closes February 19.
  • e-4802: calls for the government to reinstate funding to UNRWA. This petition closes March 13.

Every day, you can click this button to send money to UNRWA, and there are more buttons for the cause of your choice. I promise, it all makes a difference.

Canadian Actions for Ceasefire Now