one grey headless mannequin wearing white t-shirt, blue overshirt, and blue, yellow plaid overshirt, with khaki pants and brown boots. a second mannequin of just a torso and arms wears a white t-shirt with dirt on the shoulder
Jack Traven

Lot #318 - Jack Travern's (Keanu Reeves) Costume

Jack Travern's (Keanu Reeves) costume from Jan de Bont's Speed. Jack wore his costume as he jumped onto a moving bus on the freeway after discovering the bus was rigged with a bomb by Howard Payne (Dennis Hopper) and later when he went under the bus to defuse the bomb. 

This lot consists of one white cotton Weaver shirt (size M); one distressed white cotton Calvin Klein shirt (size M); one blue and yellow plaid cotton QSD jacket (size L); a blue cotton corduroy Banana Republic button-down shirt (size L); beige cotton-blend corduroy A. Gold E trousers (size 32); a brown leather belt; white cotton tube socks; and brown suede Vasque boots (U.S. size 11M). This lot exhibits deteriorated rubber padding on the boots, resulting in a separation between the boots and the soles.
grey headless mannequin wears black and pink floral print dress with grey cardigan and brown boots with lace socks
Annie Porter

Lot #319 - Annie Porter's (Sandra Bullock) Costume

Annie Porter's (Sandra Bullock) costume from Jan de Bont's Speed. Porter wore her costume when she first rode, then was forced to drive, a bus rigged to explode if it dropped below 50 miles-per-hour.

This lot consists of a black and pink chiffon floral print short sleeve dress; one green cotton-blend City Lights tank top bodysuit (size L); a gray polyester-blend Pacer cardigan (size L) featuring an Arizona State football logo silk-screened in black on the front; a woven brown leather belt (size M); two pairs of white cotton lace trim long socks; and a pair of brown leather Free Lance chelsea boots (size 40). This lot exhibits minor scuffing to the boots.

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