a few game recs for you

Over the years, I've bought a lot of bundles on itch.io, but not played a lot of games. So I installed the desktop app, downloaded my library, and opened the first game that looked interesting. And in the spirit of community (which I so desperately need), I'm rating and commenting as I go.

  • Cosmic Express: a route mapping game in space. Tiny and cute, lots of levels, easy to dip into for a quick challenge.
  • Lieve Oma: a meditative collecting game. Take a walk with your grandma and find some mushrooms. Deceptively simple, but there are layers to this one.
  • Canabalt Classic: was one of the first games I downloaded when I bought my first iPhone--the 4--in 2010. An endless runner in a monochrome world.

(Oh, and here's a bundle for you: Solo Not Alone is a collection of 125 one-person analogue games, benefitting Take This, mental health resources for gamers.)

Bonus not itch games:

  • Puzzmo: is all your favourite newspaper games without the newspaper. (Just yesterday, I discovered and read their manifesto.) I mostly just do the Cross|Word (Options > Pro Solver) and Typeshift, but I'm in the middle of a free trial right now, enjoying Wordbind, too, and can't wait for it to exit the experiment stage.

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