Pop quiz, hotshot

Pop quiz, hotshot
Photo by Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash

This June is the 30th anniversary of the film, Speed. And we're gonna celebrate by making a zine.

My introduction to this film was a bootleg VHS my grandpa made. He's always been a tech guy, and that year, he bought a double VCR system that allowed him to make copies of rented movies. I was 12 and already thinking pretty seriously about going to film school. I rented everything that looked interesting. I wrote monologues and whole scenes in my notebook.

And when I saw Speed, I fell in love so hard, I recorded the audio onto a cassette so I could listen to it whenever I wanted, on my bedroom stereo or with my Walkman. As a writer, I was most fascinated by the structure. (As a teenager, I fucking loved their banter. "Whatever you say, ma'am." SWOON)  

I wanna know your stories, too. I wanna read your analyses, critiques, deep dives, love letters, and if you've got it, your fan fiction, too. I wanna see your art. I want it all.

Send your submissions to hey @ this domain name by May 31, 2024.