aka the annual itch.io summer sale! Except on itch.io you can do this cool thing: a reverse sale. Everything costs more because it's already so cheap. And also, my Monday classes have been cancelled for the next two months.

Most everything I have over on my itch.io shop is pay-what-you-want, but as an experiment, I put a few zines behind a paywall, just to see what would happen—not much it turns out! My Apple Pages templates collection is still pay-what-you-want and by far my best-selling product.

Apple Pages zine templates by Jess Driscoll
a collection of print resources

So, in an effort to spread the love to the rest of my back catalogue, here are a few of my faves: 30 Solitaire games I designed when I realised my coffee table was too small for Klondike; Depression Cards, a little portable game to help motivate myself thru executive dysfunction; and Congenial Telegram, which was my monthly minizine wherein I rambled about making zines (should I bring it back??)

Buy the whole bundle for $10 and help me thru the summer lull that is working as a teacher.

Summer Sale 2024 by Jess Driscoll
A bundle by Jess Driscoll, $10.00 for Solitaires, Depression Cards, Congenial Telegram

it's the Teachers Don't Get a Summer Break Reverse Sale!