Today is April 29th, and I'm only just getting around to writing this month's post for the IndieWeb carnival, but that's good enough, right?

I'm a lifelong perfectionist procrastinator. In school, I never would've called myself a perfectionist. Sure, I got 100% on a few tests, but I never managed straight As. How could I possibly be a perfectionist if I hated homework and barely completed assignments?

But that was why. Because I was scared to start. Even now, at the age of 42, I leave blog posts in drafts for months because they're just not good enough yet. I hide myself away because I don't feel ready.

I haven't written my proposal for Book #2 because I'm not good enough to write this idea. I haven't made a YouTube video in more than a year because my comeback plan isn't good enough. I haven't finished that last zine because it's simply not good enough.

Has anything I've made been good at all?

At a certain point, you have to trust your process. You also have to love the process. I write because I love to write. Not so much the sitting down, and publishing is nerve-wracking, but those in-between moments, that feeling when the words fall from my fingers—that's when I love being a writer.

So I keep trying. Eventually, I'll make something great. Today, though, I wrote a blog post. Today, that's good enough.

This post is part of the IndieWeb carnival. April's theme is good enough.

good enough