Today is a Hounds of Love day. On Sunday, I made a zine about the three albums getting me through all of this. In 2020, I listened to Fine Line by Harry Styles almost exclusively. I pre-ordered the digital version, I bought a sweatshirt which inexplicably came with the CD, I got the black-and-white splatter vinyl, of course, and I accidentally on purpose ended up with three copies of “Watermelon Sugar” on vinyl because I needed the red version.

Also in 2020, I bought a turntable and appropriated my parents’s record collection. My mom’s graduation present was a copy of Kate Bush’s first album, but it’s Hounds of Love getting me through all this. This morning, I’ve listened to side 1 four times through already.

2022’s addition to the playlist is Paul Simon’s Graceland. I’ve loved this album forever; I’m not saying it’s new. But it’s become one of the things I fall back on when I need to feel good, even if it’s only 40 minutes or so.

These past years have felt like an album on repeat, but also my whole life. I keep trying the same things over and over, and I’m getting nowhere. It’s time to do something brand new, but I don’t know what it is.

The one thing I know for sure is that I’ll keep writing this letter. As much as I love writing to you, I miss blogging twice as much. Why don’t people write blogs anymore? I’ve been peeking my nose in on Tumblr again recently because I miss having a feed of blogs to read. Twitter and Instagram just isn’t enough. We aren’t writing enough. I’m not writing enough, either.

If you have a blog, will you send me the link? If you haven’t written in a while, post an entry for me this week. Tell me what you ate for dinner last night (I had leftover butter chicken pizza.) Update us about your current project. Let me know how things are going.

💘 Jess

PS. In my last newsletter, in talking about the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine, I used the definite article to refer to the latter country. It’s an old habit, and I want to call out my mistake. Wikipedia has an explanatory note worth reading about why we used to say “the Ukraine,” and why we no longer should. Names are important, and when someone asks you to call them by their chosen name, you should do it. (Similarly, the president prefers the Romanisation of his name with two Ys.)