This is a very bad news week. Ottawa is still cleaning up after the anti-vaxx occupation, and now a likeminded group is headed to Washington, DC. The Texas governor has made another public assault on trans kids. And last night, Russia invaded the Ukraine.

This isn’t going to be a long update because none of our brains have the bandwidth for that. This is a reminder to keep some happy thoughts in your pockets for moment exactly like this.

At the beginning of this year, I made a silly resolution to drink more champagne. I don’t particularly like wine, but I do love bubbles. Many people do Dry January, and I decided I would do the exact opposite. I bought a bottle on sale this week, and now it’s chilled and ready to handle this week.

I’m listening to Graceland on repeat. It started on my turntable, where I’ll often leave albums for days and just listen over and over, not even turning the record. Now I have “Diamonds on the soles of her shoes” playing through the speakers on my phone. For me, it’s a no skip album.

It snowed last night! We’ve had so many unseasonably warm days that I kind of forgot it’s still February. Remember the Olympics in 2010, when the news lambasted Vancouver for being too warm, for using snow machines? Now it’s the norm in every city which hosts the winter games.

Today is my work from home day, which is why I send you this letter on Thursdays. It’s a nice routine, knowing I have this to look forward to, collecting thoughts all week, and then usually throwing it away to type something directly into the text field. Not always my best letters, but writing them feels so good.

Take care of each other.