Desperate for anything to fill the time, I signed up for Netflix last week. I don’t keep an ongoing subscription. If there’s something I want to watch (The Witcher at the beginning of quarantine, The Old Guard in summer 2020), I’ll pay for a month or two and then cancel. This time, it was a rewatch of Schitt’s Creek I was craving. But Netflix Canada also has all the Star Treks, so I might keep it long enough to watch TNG from beginning to end.

Sometimes, I go in with a plan and my brain latches onto something else entirely. Last week, I watched The Sparks Brothers, a documentary about a band I’d heard of but never listened to. Ever since, my brain has been singing “This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us” on a constant loop.

I mean constant.

My fingers play the beat on my knee. I shimmy in my chair to the music in my head. It’s so fucking catchy. Ooh, I just discovered I can embed video; let’s try it!

This song–even though it haunts my waking hours–is one of the good things in my life at the moment. The other good things are the Indian takeout I got on Wednesday night (that I’m still eating for breakfast this morning) and weekly chats with Megan about our varied internet projects.

We started out talking about me and my existential crisis of social media, but then Megan started streaming on Twitch, too, and she is writing a new article, and yesterday, we did a co-stream test. The audio needs work (she’s echoing through my microphone. Anyone know how to capture two audios?), but it was fun, and we want to do more.

One of the reasons Megan and I work well together is because we come at the same problem from different sides. We did a quick tour of an app called Miro, a mind-mapping tool. Watching Megan move boxes and make curves was like watching a zen gardener with their rake in the sand. Soothing and enlightening. She makes the planning into a creative process in and of itself. I know that I can get stuck in the planning and have to force myself to do the work, but Megan has made the planning her job. It’s an enviable feat.

Did you notice that I jumped back into Instagram this year? Everything I read says you have to try Reels to get anyone to look at you, so I set myself a goal of 3 a week (alternating Reels and Posts, Monday through Friday).

This morning, I uploaded this video–a random thing I made while testing lighting for a vlog setup (I think I’m going to start vlogging). It’s just 27 seconds long, and I think it’s hilarious.

Thanks for sticking with me through these experiments. I’m always curious to know what you want to see more of. I remember the beginning of 2020 very distinctly because I promised myself I’d share more, be more vulnerable, open myself up. And the world laughed.

“OK,” it said. “You wanna be vulnerable? Try this.”