The other day, I finished my book. Kind of. I finished writing the words. Next, I need to finish the drawings. And then there are all the edits, as well as the marketing. But for now, I can stop tweaking every single sentence.

It would be a heavier weight off my shoulders if another hadn’t immediately taken its place: People are going to see this thing. They’re going to read it.

Writing in a paper notebook means only you, and those you choose, can read it. Writing on a blog means only you, and anyone who discovers the URL, can read it. But this book, I’m sending it farther, out into the wider world, and pretty soon, I’m going to lose control. It’s a scary thing.

I crave attention, then run away when it comes close. I want to share my writing, then hide it away on a blog with no RSS feed. These last two years, all my best words have been for you, on this mailing list.

For almost twenty years (my blogging anniversary is May next year), I’ve been writing online, but these past two years have been the best. The most special. Every time I send a letter, I get a letter or two in response. I know someone is reading these words, and I can’t thank you enough.

Most of my twenty years online have been very quiet. I keep writing because it’s all I know, but it’s harder when you don’t know that anyone is reading. Now I know you’re reading. I know I have to keep writing.

The worst of the rain here is, hopefully, behind us. I even went for a hike the other day. As I continue to experiment with video, I’ve made a couple compilations. A few seconds of stillness, stitched together into a walk through the woods. Come along with me.

The forecast looks good for another hike today. After every weather disaster we’ve been through this year, do I dare wish for snow this Christmas?

One of my favourite memories of my first trip to visit my friends in LA is getting on the plane in the California warmth, then getting off to BC snow. Two worlds on either side of a doorway.

Last year, I took a break in December, and now I’m going to make it an annual habit. We all need time to rest after the last two years. I wish we could all take 2022 away from work, obligations, responsibilities. But let’s start with a month at least.

I wish you a happy holidays with good food and good times with the people you love. I wish you quiet and warmth. I’ll see you in the new year.

PS. My meals have been light on the vegetables recently, and I’m feeling it in my body as I slow down into winter mode. Salad has been my go-to all year, but the weather has changed my mood. So I bought a bunch of parsley. It goes with everything. You don’t even need a cutting board and knife, just a pair of scissors to snip the leaves directly onto your dish. It’s not a lot of green, but right now, it’s enough.