On November 1, I’ll be hosting an online event to celebrate the start of National Make a Zine Month. I’ve been doing National Novel Writing Month since the early aughts, but I don’t always write a novel. Sometimes I use the collective energy to simply write every day. Other times, I do a short story or a zine a week. What I’ve never done is finished a 50,000 word novel in that time.

NaNoWriMo isn’t really about writing a novel; it’s about writing.

I’m doing NaMaZiMo. (It’s OK if you’ve never heard of it; I just made it up!) Make a zine in November, and you win! Make one zine each week, and that’s awesome! Make a zine every single day, and I’ll personally send you a postcard of congratulations!

The point is more zines. To that end, on November 1, I’m hosting a webinar about how I make zines. I’ll offer my tips and tricks to help you through all 30 days. I’ll demonstrate a couple of easy zine folds you can use and talk about how to set challenges.

I’ve done the weekly zine. I’ve done the daily zine. You can do it, too! Even more than the writing, NaMaZiMo is about the commitment. Make yourself a promise, and then do the thing. But if you need some help, that’s what I’m here for. Learn from the mistakes I’ve made over years of trying and failing.

Want a sneak preview? Make your daily challenge the smallest version of what you do. Set a goal you know you can make on even those inevitable low-energy days. This also means on very good days, you can stack up a few days of work in advance.

The webinar is totally free and only online. Monday, November 1, at 5pm Pacific. Bring your questions! I can’t wait to see you.