One of my top three favourite songs is The Band’s cover of “Don’t Do It” by Marvin Gaye. They performed it as the final encore at their “Last Waltz” show in 1976. In that sense, it’s the last song the band ever played as a group. When I wrote about The Band after Levon Helm died in 2012, I wrote specifically about their New Year’s Eve performance in 1971. It’s a seminal show from their career, with a full brass section that adds to every single song. I only just learned it’s been officially released, so if you’re looking for something to listen to today, may I recommend?

(Usually when I’m working, I like music without lyrics, so I listen to a lot of YouTube chill lofi mixes.)

Last Sunday was a market day, so I spent much of the week before that coming up with a new zine to sell. I’ve been struggling to get excited about the market this year. We’re doing one a month because 2020 was exhausting, so I’ve been hoping to do more zines on the table and less bread. The bread is so much work.

I put together two pieces I wrote last year into one zine called “bread & pasta.” It’s my egg pasta and pesto recipe I sent you last summer, as well as the essay I wrote about Ligurian focaccia for the rosemary zine I made in the fall. I wanted to print something half-page size because it looks impressive in person. So I added a bunch of photos to fill the pages.

But when I went to print the thing, I couldn’t find the right print settings anywhere. I’m sure there used to be a “booklet” option, and I also thought I had made a preset. When I searched online to figure out what I was missing, I found this blog post. This wonderfully helpful person has created an Automator script for Mac which reorders the pages so you can print two per page and have the whole thing turn out just right. Go download and try it out for yourself!

Because this is a compilation more than a new zine, I haven’t put it up to download, but reply if you’re interested, and I’ll send you the PDF!

Sometimes it feels like there are too many people who need help. This week, there are fires on the west coast, tornados and floods on the east coast, a hurricane on the south coast, and reproductive rights were torn down in Texas. I encourage you to find a mutual aid fund near you and send them some money. I’ve been sending my monthly contributions to the First Nation Caring Society, which supports Indigenous children and families and works towards reconciliation.

Find an abortion network. Contribute to a bail fund. Send some cash to a food bank (they need money, not food!). Every little bit helps, and we need a lot of little bits.