A few months ago, I bought an iPad and Pencil because I want to do more drawing (and I have to do more drawing for my book). The iPad came with a full year of Apple TV, so I finally watched Ted Lasso and Mythic Quest (I hated both, but I’m not getting into it). Other than a few music documentaries, nothing else looks good to me, and it’s hard to trust I’ll enjoy it anyway.

So I decided to go back to Disney+ and rewatch The X-Files. This was my favourite show as a teenager. I was a literally card-carrying member of the fan club (the only way, back then, to get Mulder’s I WANT TO BELIEVE poster) (yes, I still have it). The first season is slow, and it’s amazing they survived through some of those episodes (Space, I’m looking at you).

I just started season 2, which begins with Mulder talking about Voyager, launched 44 years ago this month and the next.

Thirteen years after its launch, Voyager One passed the orbital plane of Neptune and essentially leaving our solar system. Within that time, there were no further messages sent. Nor are any planned. We wanted to listen.

For the 40th anniversary in 2017, I designed Golden Record for a game jam. It’s a storytelling card game wherein you’re tasked with compiling a new message to send out beyond our solar system. It’s a concept I’m still very happy with (though I’d probably tweak the rules a little).

On Monday, Canzine was announced, so I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’m going to sell. Some old faves, of course, but I’d love to have something new on offer this year. To that end, I’ve been working on collecting some of the recipes I’ve shared here with you. The other day, I made a zine I’m calling Bread & Pasta. They’re a big part of the reason I survived 2020, lol.

If you have a few zines in your pocket, you should sign up! It’s a virtual fair again this year. You get an online shop, and you don’t even have to be Canadian to participate. Until we see each other at one of the zinefests down the west coast, I hope I get to see you at Canzine.

PS. you get a recipe this week because I was craving potato salad. Most pre-made potato salads have celery, which I hate, so I have to make it myself. I like something very plain: potato, egg, mayonnaise, green onion, and some spices. That’s exactly what I bought at the grocery store.

The potatoes I like are Yukon gold: yellow-fleshed and firm when cooked. Chop small, and I cooked them in my crockpot this time around. Of course, that means I had to do the eggs separately, rather than putting them in the same pot, as I usually do. Hard-boiled eggs need to come to a rolling boil. (I’ve tried eggs in the crockpot, and they take more than an hour.)

With the mayonnaise dressing, I like a bit of mustard, salt and pepper, and the tiniest speck of red chili or paprika. It’s the resemblance to devilled eggs that I’m looking for more than heat. It’s the connection between comfort foods.

The second time I made potato salad this week, the eggs were perfectly poached in the shell–which is wonderful, but not for a salad application. With the yolk just barely set, I mixed the eggs in with the dressing for a decadently creamy potato salad, and very different than what my mom makes. (Of course, my mom also like celery, so)