I’ve been thinking a lot about you and this newsletter, even if I haven’t been writing it. I should say sending it. I have a few drafts on the go: one about how I just finished a MASH rewatch (got to the end of season 11, then started all over again from season 4).  Another one about my adventures on LEX the dating app. 

Every time I read something, watch something, play something, I want to write about it, and I’m realising I no longer have a place to do that. Yes, I could revive my dormant blog. Yes, I could get back on Twitter. Or go all the way back to Tumblr?

There are things I really want to share with you, and I’m not sure how to do that anymore. If this were last year, I’d post something on Instagram. Five years ago, I’d write a tweet. 20 years ago, I’d make a blog post. The problem isn’t what to write about—it’s how. 

Should this be a whole newsletter? Could I fit it in a tweet or two instead? Or maybe it’s time to start a new zine?

Luckily, my best friend is an internet marketing expert. Megan was the first social media manager for the GRAMMYs (that’s the official™️ style). She was there at the beginning of the job and, along the way, invented strategies people still use today. 

Yesterday, a video call about how I need to use Airtable (she converted me!) turned into a full-on consulting call. She made me a spreadsheet for tracking writing submissions! She made me an Action Items list! She talked me through all the practical reasons why you really need to be everywhere if people are ever going to learn your name. With my book coming out next year, I want to feel like I gave it every chance I could. 

She said I should ask you, my newsletter pen pals, many of whom have been here from the beginning, where I should go next.

Where do you hang out on the internet? What else do you want to see from me? I’ve always wanted to do an “office hours” live stream, where you can ask questions and I can see what projects you’re working on. If I started a Discord, would you come and meet everyone else? I want to teach workshops and share my analogue skills. I want to make zines again; I’ve really been missing paper. 

Do you want to see more words, more images, more video? Reply to this email and let me know what you think! The newsletter isn’t going anywhere; in fact, it’s about to become a lot more important to track my work across cyberspace. As Megan keeps reminding me, you don’t have to hang out everywhere, you just have to put your work everywhere. 

But I really want to hang out with you.