How are you doing? The best I can say for myself is “OK.” While I’m a solitary person by nature, I usually find myself alone, but amidst a crowd, more than this. I realised this week I haven’t been writing as much because I often write in restaurants, at the food court, on long bus rides. I’ve been spending much of my quarantine on my couch, and yes, in bed.

Sometimes, it feels like my days are only as long as it takes me to make coffee, eat something, read a bit, and watch a show before I go back to bed to sleep. Then I wake up, and no matter the time, I start all over again.

I am lucky, and ever grateful, that I don’t have to worry about anything else during this time. The Canadian government changed the parameters of the COVID-19 relief benefits, and I now qualify for $2,000 a month, which more than takes care of rent and food. If you are in a similar position, the relief fund for Vancouver food and beverage workers would appreciate your donations.

When I applied to the White Rock Farmers Market at the end of January, BC only had one confirmed case of COVID-19. Now we have 1,647, and an end to physical distancing has yet to be announced. Yet, the people must eat. Farmers markets will open, with some new rules. My booth, All Day Breakfast, will be there on opening day, May 3rd.

(Did you know that BC farmers markets accept nutrition coupons, distributed to low income families and seniors?)

I feel nervous and unprepared, but also impatient to set up my tent and get started. I was almost sure the market would be postponed, if not cancelled outright. But I recognise those thoughts now as the part of my brain which has sabotaged me in the past. It’s the part of my brain which is scared, eager to avoid change, the part which never lets me get too far ahead without wanting to runaway and hide.

The market will start May 3rd, and I will be there, just as I had planned at the beginning of this year. The world is ever-changing, and I can’t let it stop me anymore. On that Sunday morning, All Day Breakfast will be uptown, just around the corner from the whaling wall, with fresh-baked loaves and buns, as well as sea salt and sourdough starter for you to take home with you. More than ever, we find ourselves craving comfort. For me, comfort is homemade and usually made with flour.