1. Yesterday, during my baking live stream, I mentioned that I’ve been thinking, since this quarantine turned serious, I might get back on Twitter. Not because I need the connection (thankfully, I have that in some other, private, places on the internet), but because I still enjoy that paradigm of short bursts of thought, delivered whenever they pop up.

  2. In my blogging life, I’ve been writing one post a day–for simplicity’s sake. Often, that means one thought, one idea, one story. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The greatest feature of creating your own space is that you also create your own rules. My posts don’t have to be any one thing; I get to recreate the paradigm every day.

  3. Instead of one post = one idea, I created this post at 9:50 this morning, and I’ll continue to add to it all day, then post, just before I go to bed. Twitter, contained–like all of us.

  4. Quarantine, for me, is not that different from my everyday life. I’ve always struggled with friendships, since I was a child, and the last 5 years has been particularly terrible. My work schedule more closely matches the retirees who populate my city, rather than the office workers my own age. And I live out in the suburbs, an hour away from downtown. My closest friends are on the internet.

  5. we’re stuck / inside our own machine

“Apparitions” by Matthew Good Band came up on shuffle, and I listened to it twice because I didn’t remember, back when I loved this song as a 16-year-old, that it was about quarantine. (But now that I’m remembering the music video, Matt as a custodian, seen through the closed circuit TV of an office building, how did I not see this coming?)

  1. That music video doesn’t appear to be on YouTube any longer, but you can enjoy this glitchy VHS transfer of an in-studio performance on MuchMusic.

  2. I was going to live stream more baking from my kitchen this morning (or figure out how to do a screenshare stream while making a zine??), but instead, I’m waiting for my mom to pick me up so we can go out to Chilliwack and see my grandparents. To be clear, I think this is a bad idea. I’m still teaching students this week, and though my mom is on spring break, she went to Costco yesterday. But my grandparents are also shopping still, so clearly I need to talk some sense into the lot of them.

  3. After a week of craving and searching empty shelves, tonight, I got my tuna melt. Homemade sourdough bread, my grandma’s zucchini relish, the oldest cheddar = yes.