BC hasn’t declared an official quarantine, but “social distancing” and no out-of-country travel is strongly advised. Public school is out for two weeks spring break now, so there’s no need to close down the schools. (I’m still waiting on word if I go back to teaching on Monday; my bosses are Korean, and we’ve been diligent about gloves and cleaning all month). My cough is still hanging on, and the cold outside means my nose is running constantly. But with no fever, I’m confident the worst of my February flu is over (yes, it lasted all of February).

The first (and so far, only) Canadian casualty of COVID-19 happened right here in the Lower Mainland, a senior in a group home. We have the largest immigrant population from China here. All of my students are from China or Korea. It would be really nice if my office closed down for the next two weeks (we usually have fewer students during school breaks anyway), but I don’t anticipate it happening. I take comfort in my small classes, so the biggest number of little kids I’ll come in contact with is 9.

The weather, so far, has cooperated to keep people inside. Yesterday, I was startled off my couch when a large shadow covered my front window with a clattering bang. The empty tent my upstairs neighbours had set up on the lawn had been hurled against the house by the wind. Last night, the wind continued to howl all night, and this morning, the garbage and recycling containers were all over the backyard. The racoons who live under our deck must have thought it was Christmas morning.

Sunny, but chilly; not a welcoming weekend. I’m staying indoors to write and bake all weekend. I set a goal to send my first newsletter in six months by Sunday; I just finished writing it. So I figured, why not start blogging again, too?

This year’s project is All Day Breakfast, an online shop and a farmers market booth, but if COVID-19 holds on, the market might not be able to open at the beginning of May. I’ll let you know.