In 2010, I woke up way too early (Pacific Standard Time) to watch every stage of the Tour de France. I wrote something almost every day. The thing that I love about road racing is the story. The stages are set. The riders line up. There are favourites at the beginning of every Tour. The ones who have won before, the ones who have come in second, the ones who have won another Grand Tour. But the story never happens like that. Great stories never do.

Something like this year happens, when weather and crashes eliminate those favourites, one-by-one. When the best sprinter left in the peloton can’t win on the line. When teams lose their leaders and the rookie finds himself in sight of podium. Now who’s racing to win?

Anyone who wants it enough.

This zine is the story of the 2010 Tour de France, written as it happened, in the early morning hours. Like all great stories, I didn’t know how good it would be when I started.

This is a collection of the best. Contents include: Prologue, Stage 1, Sampler, Mountains, Sprints, Cav, Combatif, The Schlecks, Those Middle Stages, Bert, Champs-Élysées.

The Tour de France is on right now, so I put these short pieces together into a long zine. If you’ve ever wondered why I love this weirdo sport, this is a good place to start. Something to read on the Rest Day tomorrow.