A mystery package arrived at the post office for me. I really couldn't remember what it was, but as soon as I saw the size and shape of the box, it was obvious: records.

(I was also very confused because the notice said I had to pay $21. Turns out, Canada customs can just randomly select you and make you pay extra tax.)

After I saw the Death Cab and Postal Service anniversary show in October, I had ordered the albums on vinyl—along with DCfC's Plans and Narrow Stairs. Unfortunately, they oversold the Transatlanticism coloured vinyl 😭 so I'll have to buy it later in black.

My record player has been idle the past few months. Christine McVie’s s/t has been sitting on the turntable for far too long, probably, along with a typically eclectic collection leaning against the bookcase: Merry Christmas from Sesame Street, Cabaret (1972), Give Up by The Postal Service (which arrived first), and Reckless by Bryan Adams.

Coincidentally, Reckless turns 40 this year. Waking Up the Neighbours is arguably more famous (it also sold more), but Reckless has more hits. Waking Up has "Everything I Do," so I think I always assume that's where all the hits are. But Adams has had so many, and they're spread rather nicely across those early albums.

I’m in Puerto Vallarta now, coming back to finish writing this post (February 29th is Delete Your Drafts Day. Publishing counts because it’s not a draft anymore.) Because I didn’t want to bring my laptop, I deleted all the music from my phone, making as much space as possible for photos and video. Then, sitting in the airport, waiting to board, I didn’t feel like listening to my audiobooks, so I downloaded exactly five albums for the trip: the above-mentioned Transatlanticism, Plans, Narrow Stairs, plus Give Up. And then Graceland; it’s my go-to no skips album.

As I sipped fresh pineapple juice in the hotel check-in line, the first song I heard the house band playing was “September” by Earth, Wind, and Fire.

But later, as I walked to my room, they were playing “Summer of ‘69.”

and there is comfort in the sound