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"Pink is the only true rock 'n' roll color." -- Paul Simonon of The Clash, by way of Harry Styles

PINK, June 30, 2019


It is one thing to view locations on a map, but another altogether to experience them firsthand. Here, we are offered an alternative approach to mapping where parks are used as a way to navigate the city as a whole. During an afternoon walk, parks (both big and small) were documented with poetic dispatches that offer insight into these spaces. A great addition for any resident or visitor to this tiny city by the sea.

White Rock Parks, June 26, 2019


When a user creates a new repository, GitHub suggests a random name. The suggestion it gave me was CONGENIAL TELEGRAM--literally too perfect. It had to be my new zine.

Congenial Telegram, June 22, 2019


If you wear women's clothing, you probably know the problem. Finding a garment with wonderfully deep, open, useful pockets (or any pockets at all!) is like finding gold at the end of the rainbow. But until we overthrow the patriarchy, here are two ways--easy and hard--to add pockets to your clothes.

Thanks, it has pockets!, August 22, 2018


I grew up calling that game “solitaire,” though it’s actually a variant called “Klondike.” And then, about a year ago, I learned that “solitaire” is a variant name, too. In England, the game is called “patience.” My British granny was a knitter, not a card player, so I didn’t learn this name until I read it in a book. I like this name. It tells a different story about why I love the game.

Solitaires, November 30, 2017


The first person to stand on the moon was an astronaut named Neil Armstrong. / The craters on the moon make people think they can see a face. But there is no man on the moon.

The Moon!, June 09, 2018


The Band didn't have a leader. They didn't even have a lead singer. They had three voices who could carry a band all by themselves, and everyone took a turn at the mic. Five guys, and everyone took a turn being the one who made The Band The Band. Robbie made the songs, and Garth made the sound. Richard had a contradiction of a voice, and Levon had the vision. Rick made the harmonies that held it all together.


In 2011, the Vancouver Canucks made the Stanley Cup final for only the third time in their 40-year-old history. Also in 2011, I left the west coast to see the other side of my country. I watched Game 7 in a Halifax hostel with a group of Irish and Australian tourists. Instead of watching the disastrous third period, I put my head down and wrote this essay.

The Cup, June 16, 2011


Not sure where to start? The DRAW sketchbook has a word on every page--something for you to draw.