Every week, I tell myself I’ll write this letter early. I tell myself to write it on Wednesday so it’s ready to go on Thursday. Then Thursday arrives, and I have no words written. Writing has been hard this year, harder than usual. I think that’s why video is so appealing at the moment. It’s something new and challenging. It’s where I am in the ever-spinning cycle of interests.

The other day, I finished a notebook. Looking for the next one, I found instead an old one, not yet filled. It had notes from 2019 for a middle grade novel I wrote before I decided to take a break from fiction. Before that, I couldn’t imagine I’d ever stop writing fiction.

Now I wonder if I’m on the verge of taking a break from writing all together.

My last video is about what it’s been like these last two years as a person who makes things. I titled it “New Ways of Making.” As life and circumstances continue to change for me, I’ve had to learn how to do what I do in a new way. I’ve had to learn to let go.

I’m working on the next video today, a more practical how to make a zine video. What are some topics and questions you’d like to see me answer in the future? My problem isn’t coming up with ideas; it’s deciding which idea to make next.

The footage I shot this morning was fine, but the framing was wildly off. I’m experimenting with using the back camera on my phone, which is supposed to be better quality, but the trade-off is never knowing what the shot looks like until the end. I’m discovering I prefer the certainty over quality.

So while I take a break from filming, I’m writing this note to you. I’m still a writer after all.