Hello from summer weather! I’ve had my living room window open for the first time this year. I can hear the birds and the kids on the front lawn. I’m walking to work more often these days. It’s amazing how a few days of sun can completely change my mood. My boss asked me how I was yesterday, and I said, “The weather is good; I’m good.”

And then it rained on my walk home lol. Because this is still the real world, right?

If you have a free hour, I’m doing a zine stream on YouTube today at 12 Pacific. I went looking for new folding techniques, and now I want to build a template, and then maybe we’ll make a zine, too. It’ll be my first time streaming on YouTube, so bear with me.

Twitch has been fun, but it makes more sense to me to build in one place. This year has been all about experimentation, trying everything to see what sticks. But that also means a less than consistent schedule, and I apologise. I’m still figuring out what’s going to work without spreading myself too far.

The new video is an example of exactly that, a short 2 minute list of basic zinemaking equipment that I filmed, edited, and posted on Saturday morning.

I thought the hard part about YouTube was going to be the editing–and it is. But the really hard part is deciding which video to make next. I have a long long list, but what’s the priority? I know how well evergreen content does in search, and my bread and butter is teaching. But I want to mix it up with some more philosophical vlog-style videos.

I promise, always, to never waste your time. My goal is to keep all the regular videos under 5 minutes, and so far, so good.

The streams, though? Are long rambles that I hope are also chill hangs with a friend. The contrast makes me laugh. Very short reels on Instagram. Longer videos on YouTube. And live streams where we make a thing together.

Try everything. See what works.