10:20 While looking for something else in my Applications folder, I was reminded that I had downloaded a bunch of Hundred Rabbits apps. They are a couple (1 illustrator, 1 developer) living and working on a sailboat, and they’re constantly making new things. This app in which I’m writing is called Left, and it’s a super simple word processor, but it also has a live word count, something Apple’s Notes does not.

10:30 Back in the LJ days, I used to write much more quotidian blog posts, just lists of activities, events, and thoughts. There are years of these kinds of lists in my notebooks and planners, too. A daily log is a fascinating thing to me–not in the moment, but years from now, when I can go back and read about past years of my life.

10:35 Mondays always make me think about Monday Morning by Fleetwood Mac. I’ve probably even used this phrase as a URL before.

10:36 I’m not on Twitter anymore because I don’t enjoy, and don’t want to support, the platform. But I still love the concept of Twitter, the micro-publishing which brought me there in December 2006, 14 years ago now.

11:50 Can I end a zine essay with a ¯_(ツ)_/¯? Or is that the most Millennial thing ever?

12:41 The reason a daily log never caught on with me is probably because I’ve never had a job where I sit at a computer all day. Hence the notebook. But 2020 has seen me sitting in front of this screen more than ever (no video meetings, thankfully).

13:06 Either this is the first time I’ve been home to see the window washers, or this is the first time my landlord has hired a window washer.

18:25 Monday is the only day I work and my student who lives across the street doesn’t attend, so Monday is the only day I have to make my own way uptown. Recently, my success rate for catching my intended bus is about 50%. I left my house at 14:10, didn’t get on a bus until 14:45, and arrived at work too late to have lunch first. But now I’m home with takeout dinner.

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