My November resolutions were 1) write most days, 2) organise my zine catalogue and figure out how to put it online, and 3) gather submissions for a December zine.

I wrote almost every day in November, going back to classic Morning Pages (TM Julia Cameron)—longhand, in my notebook, non-stop stream of consciousness. They didn’t always happen first thing after waking or even in the morning, as I had planned, but they happened, and that’s what’s important. I haven’t filled a notebook yet this year—which is extremely irregular for me—so Morning Pages will continue into December.

The other two resolutions came together in an unexpected way. Going through my zine archive made me nostalgic for The General Review, and when I asked Megan if she wanted to restart it, she said yes. So we made our first issue since 2014, and we have a plan for December, too. I’m also back on track to release two issues of Congenial Telegram in a row.

So December will be about continuing to get my writing life & projects in order, including getting a start on the Year Compass, which I finally printed out last weekend. And on top of that, I want to add a resolution to create a yoga/meditation habit, now that I’ve made the space for it in my house.

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