1. Mary Oliver’s Upstream, a gorgeously written collection of essays which I picked out from the library because of the gorgeous cover. She’s one of those writers whom I’ve only read single poems, not a whole book. This one pulled me in (which was good because it was a 7-day limited borrow) like no other book has done this year.

  2. Megan Thee Stallion titled her brand new album Good News because she knows what the people need right now.

  3. I know I’ve written about the long lofi instrumental mixes on YouTube. It’s an established genre of music now. I’ve been using them recently to force myself to do some writing or reading. Nothing with words, which my brain can’t help but latch onto. Then this week, I put one on and did some pranayama and asana for the first time, probably, this year. Gotta find that habit again.

  4. I ended up going grocery shopping after work all three days this week. I try to keep it to once, but I also try to keep each trip as short as possible, which means I’m constantly forgetting things–even when I have a list. After 6:30 is a really nice time to go, and this Friday, nearly empty. But the thing I want to highlight–the thing that’s working for me this–is the string grocery bags I bought from IKEA. I thought they’d be too small, but they’re really not. They take up almost no space in my bag, so I always have them with me, they let me balance the load to carry it home, and they hold all kinds of shapes easily.

+1 Thing That’s Not Working For Me. Apparently, the Libby app doesn’t work if you don’t have an internet connection?! What the heck? I took my longest and farthest transit trip since March this week, and I didn’t discover this fact until I was on the road. So what is even the point of having books on my phone, Libby??

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