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  1. Sometimes, I need a little push, a rule, a limit. 4 Things is a framework within which to write a blog post. The official title is 4 Things Which Are Working For Me This Week, and I used to write them on Fridays (Four, Friday–alliteration!). The purpose is akin to gratitude journals: write down the things you’re happy to have in your life. This week, I’m happy to have this blog–not only a space for future writing, but the archives which show how far I’ve come.

  2. Yesterday, before they went to school, the kids upstairs delivered me my mail. It was a lot, I suspect building up, because it genuinely felt like weeks since I’d felt that joy which comes from the mail. I had November’s record of the month. There was a big cozy sweatshirt I bought on sale. Another issue of Capilano Review (to add to my pile of subscriptions I signed up for in spring but still haven’t read). And vegan cheeze, made right here in North Van.

  3. What’s working for me this week is continuing to go to work, but not every day. I love my job so much, and this month is my 6 year anniversary. I had been unemployed for 2 years before I got this job; I couldn’t even get hired as seasonal help at Chapters. Right now, I’m teaching Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays. It’s not nearly enough money to live on, but at the moment, I have the cushion of CERB to help me along. I’ve really never worked a 5-days-a-week, 9-5 job, and at this point in my life, I don’t think it would even be possible.

  4. I’m still doing dishes every day. This is a resolution I’ve been working on before quarantine was a glimmer in anyone’s eye, and I’m grateful for it each day I’m stuck in my house. Recently, I’ve been washing while the kettle boils, then letting myself stop to make the coffee or tea. Or washing while I cook, then letting myself stop to eat. It’s a nice way to work through the constancy of dirty dishes, but never feel bogged down.

+1 Thing That’s Not Working For Me. I’ve been trying to write Morning Pages first thing this month. And then it was “write 2 pages longhand whenever, just write them.” Then it was “write!” None of those have been working. I’ve been writing! I wrote a letter on Wednesday. I wrote a blog post yesterday. But my notebook, which I started in November of 2019, still isn’t full. That’s irregular for me. That’s a sign that something is off. But I keep trying. I’ll let you know.

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