I always have to start these summaries by double-checking what I set out to do last month :joy: My whole life, I’ve been a late sleeper, a person who hates to get out of bed in the morning. In my teens and twenties, it was common I’d sleep until noon. So I’ve also long wanted to be an early riser, a person who can jump out of bed and get going on the day. 2020 has only exasperated this, because I’ve spent most of this year working out of the house only 2 days a week and lamenting how I was “wasting” my time in my pjs. Then September added another day, then October another, and now I’m regularly teaching 4 days, so I’ve returned to enjoying my lazy mornings in pjs and only showering + getting dressed when I actually have to leave and be seen by other people. I was already preparing to call my resolution to create a morning a routine a failure for this month before my COVID exposure that has kept me literally in the house since the 21st. So I failed. But I think I’m also ready to just let this go and embrace being a person who loves lazy mornings in pjs, and that’s OK. I’m not a “bad” person because I don’t like showering first thing in the morning. Isn’t that why I love my job?! Why I’ve stayed here the longer than any other job?? I work 3 hours in the afternoon! It’s the best!

My second resolution was to make some decisions about what I’m going to do with my independent biz now that the farmers market is done for the year. One of the reasons I love my job is because it is a J-O-B job, which I can leave at the office, which pays (just) enough to cover the bills, which I gives me so much time to do the other things I love. My problem is that I love a lot of things lol. I’ve always done ~art on the side while I try to figure out how it can pay my bills. Doing the farmers market this summer was a huge risky leap that I’m proud of taking (and figuring out how to make it work during a pandemic!!), but I learned it’s not what I want to do full-time. At least, not yet. And I kinda like the idea of a food business that has seasons. During the spring and summer, I bake and sell at markets. During the autumn and winter, I write and publish books.

November resolutions are write most days, organise my zine catalogue and figure out how to put it online for more people to read, and gather submissions for a zine to be released on December 21, the winter solstice.

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