I had two weeks off after doing three markets, and I completely reorganised my kitchen and took 5 bags to the thrift shop, and I’m feeling so good about this daily cleaning resolution! Like I finally made cleaning a habit after a lifetime of resenting chores. 

The market season is almost over: just two more months, and 4 more Sundays for me. I’m trying to figure out how to transition my customers to a delivery/pickup service (this is so much harder because I still don’t have my drivers license) This tiny biz I started back in May has been far more successful than I ever anticipated. I just have to figure out what the next steps are. I’ve been wanting to do more writing and teaching in the form of books and classes, but writing has been, probably, the biggest struggle of 2020 for me. It’s almost like when I decided to switch to baking, I turned off my writing brain. 

Goals for September include: write at least 4 newsletters, make a zine to go with my homemade sea salt, and help my quarantine mood swings by showering and dressing first thing in the mornings. I’m inside my house about 90% of the week, and there have been too many days when I just go back to sleep because there’s nothing else to do.

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