I had an extra goal in July to spend as little money as possible, and I failed it so spectacularly that the universe sent me a $288 fraud charge and made me cancel my credit card. So I’m revising that goal to be less absolute and more flexible. I should know this; I’ve done enough CBT. My tiny business is forcing me to be more aware of money anyway. I’m doing my own bookkeeping, which has forced me to keep a better eye on my accounts—which is the only way I caught this fraud so quickly.

August is big for me. I’m doing three markets in a row—instead of my usual two. And I also have my driving test next Thursday. Everything else is just coasting until all that’s done, and if I pass, I’m gonna borrow my parents’s car and take myself on a tiny vacation. The idea of getting out of the city is really driving me right now. I’m hoping that by the time I check in next month, everything will be different.

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