I didn’t end up doing the Year Compass this year because I had One Big Goal of the farmers market this summer and I didn’t want to complicate things, but I kinda wish I had it now to look back on

I’ve been feeling good about yearly themes. Starting in 2018, I picked one word for the year. FOCUS, then BUILD, and this year is CONTINUE. And tho it wasn’t the plan at the outset, each of those words has added to the last, and they’re kinda all my word of the year–which was my purpose with CONTINUE. I’m not leaving FOCUS and BUILD behind, but carrying them forward

For me, CONTINUE means keep doing the things that work, the things I enjoy, and stop trying to do more than possible. My teaching job has been 2 hours, twice a week, and that will continue into the summer, but I don’t have to worry about money, thankfully, because of the Canadian relief. I’ve been putting most of my energy into the market, but I only do the first two Sundays each month. This leaves me with weeks of empty time, and unfortunately, I’ve been filling it staring at my phone. Working hard to take meaningful breaks away, but ugh, it’s hard right now. On top of that, having money in my pocket means I’m spending more than usual (online and takeout). So for July, I have one extra goal for myself: spend nothing (except on absolute basics of food)

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