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All the advice for independents starts with “maintain an email list.” It’s the surest way to keep in touch with your audience. On Twitter, your announcements will get lost among the catastrophes and jokes. On Instagram, they’ll never show up when you want them to. Email is old and steady, and for that reason, reliable.

As an author, first, and then whatever creative I am now, I’ve tried email newsletters numerous times in the past. But I’ve been a blogger longer than any other social media, and it’s the only one that’s lasted. If you can’t find me elsewhere, I’ll always turn back up here again, writing tiny journal entries in public.

I started another newsletter last year, with my new commitment to zines, but it quickly felt like just another blog. I already have one of those! Of course, that’s not always where the people are. You have to make it easy on your audience; you have to go where they are. And I know, from previous experience, I don’t have the energy to maintain ALL the channels. I’m only one person; I can only do so much. I had to make some choices.

You can follow me here, with RSS, you can see photos and videos on Instagram, and you can stay up-to-date through email. I just sent a letter this morning, my first of the year.

Once the market season starts, I’ll have lots more news, as well as a lot less energy, so I’m not promising anything more than that. I write my blog for me–like my decades of paper journals archived alongside, it’s a document more than anything. The newsletter is for you, the people who want to stay in touch. Instagram is just for fun.

And if you like paper mail, why not order something from my shop? You’ll always get a handwritten note in your package!

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