My word for 2018 was FOCUS and then 2019 was BUILD, which kinda turned into BUILD ON FOCUS, and 2020 will be CONTINUE, as in keep FOCUSING and BUILDING.

2019 was a lot. I did a lot, physically but emotionally too, and by the end of NaNoWriMo, I was just completely burnt out. I’m not quite ready to wrap it all up, but January is here regardless, so I need some projects to focus on.

I want to do my local farmers market this summer, so I need to refine my booth idea and apply. To that end, I’m doing FoodSafe certification this month. But I’m not leaving zines behind, just mixing them into my other love of baking.

I’m feeling very weird and unsettled about writing and blogging right now, and I’m trying to be OK with not doing either for a while.

Elly came up with a daily challenge to work on physical space, and I shamelessly hopped on board. One physical and one mental challenge feels like a good focus for a each month

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