1. City Girl instrumental albums are soothing, but just enough distraction to keep my brain focused. I cannot listen to music or TV when I write or read. I need silence. But I’ve been trying out some no-voice chill beats on YouTube recently, and I really like this artist’s whole aesthetic.

  2. Having staples in my cupboards makes feeding myself so much easier. I bought a bag of flour after running out a few months ago (I like to get the big bag at Costco, but my mom has the membership, and we haven’t made time to go recently.) Flour means I can make roux for sauces, waffles in the morning, and bread whenever I want.

  3. Forever 21’s closing sale is winding down. I recently bought a phone case with a rubber alpaca figurine on the top, which is cute, but cumbersome. So the other week, I found a simpler case at F21, and this week, I bought some black and white hoop earrings I’m going to wear today. All together, less than $10.

  4. I’ve only had my iPhone 8 Plus since last autumn, and Touch ID still blows me away daily. It makes everything easier, from passwords to autofill to paying for stuff. The other day, my phone just knew I needed my card and popped it up. I didn’t even need to double tap!

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