1. Out-of-town friends who travel to my city for business! I got to spend the whole Wednesday just wandering out Vancouver with Elisabeth, and then we saw the show which brought her to town, Waitress: the musical. (Turns out I’m not the only person who ever saw that movie when it first came out?!?)

  2. Unfortunately, I’ve been sick all week, which is when I love my part-time hours the most. Being able to wake up without an alarm, take my time in the morning, and get all the rest I need is a privilege.

  3. 750words.com, which I first discovered in 2010. I’ve written more than one million words there since, and I’ve returned to daily morning entries to help me with NaNoWriMo this month. Though I’ll always be a paper journaller as well, I love the ease and speed of typing, the way it lets me just blurt a bunch and clear my mind.

  4. Last night, I taught an extra class and didn’t walk home until the cold and dark of 7:30. Instead of buying food on the way, I bought a bag of flour and made apple raisin waffles for dinner.

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