1. My family came together, in the middle of a work week, to help me take my road test, all the way out in Chilliwack. I stayed with my grandparents, I drove my parents car, and they also came up the next day to pick me up because I didn’t pass.

  2. But this test felt so much better than the last one. I was calm, positive, prepared. I stayed confident, even after my atrocious attempt at parallel parking, and pulled off the perfect reverse stall parking at the end. I made no big mistakes; just too many small ones to prevent a pass.

  3. My brother and sister-in-law sold their old car to my parents to use as a second vehicle, and this is what I’ve been driving the last two years. Compared to the truck, it’s a breeze.

  4. And now that I have to wait 60 days to retake the test, I can relax. I don’t have to think about this until the new year.

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