1. President’s Choice reusable plastic bags. I used to work in the factory which made these bags, and they were the worst. The plastic is so thick that the cutting blades would need to be replaced more often, and the hot knife that sealed the bottom seam would get gummed up. But, as bags to carry home your groceries, and then as bags to carry secondhand clothes to the thrift shop, they’re awesome. Hopefully someone will get to use them again.

  2. Steel cut oats. A bit more work to cook, but a hearty breakfast, especially as the days get colder. My trick is to soak the oats overnight. I used to make a big batch in my crockpot to last the week, but now I scoop 1/3 cup into a bowl and cover with water before I go to bed. Then I used the water I boil for coffee in the morning, and the whole oatmeal process is streamlined.

  3. A few weeks ago, I forgot my water bottle at my parents’s house. I just got it back yesterday, and I really missed it. I have a 32oz. Contigo, with a flip-up spout, and it’s just so easy to keep drinking all day.

  4. Sweatpants. I bought them for lazy days, and also hiking, but now I just wear them because they’re comfy. I’m so grateful that my job is casual all the time.

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