I cannot remember the last show I saw at the Commodore. It might’ve even been Sloan. It’s been so long. No, Matt Good must’ve been afterwards? (ooh, autocorrect finally figured out to capitalize that last name.)

The sound is terrible but maybe only because I was right in front of the monitor, Jay’s monitor. There’s no opener, just two sets of Sloan: Navy Blues in order, then some hits, I guess.

Not a lot of talking from Chris. They all seem tired, not just old, but tired of this tour. Maybe these songs—though I imagine some of them they haven’t even play that much. Deep cuts don’t usually make the set list.

Chris kept teasing a rock kick, but he didn’t do it. I couldn’t stay up front much longer, so the intermission is the perfect time to bail. We’re all older. I just want to sit down at shows these days.

Before the last song of the first set, Chris said, as he had a couple of times before, “It’s nice to play a big town.” But this time he adds, “Do you know how many shit small towns there are in this country? I do.” Jay agreed. “Sorry, what I really mean is it’s nice to be here.” He seems tired of touring.

The last two songs on Navy Blues are “I wanna thank you,” which ends with “goodbye so long / see you sometime” and then “I’m not through with you yet.” It feels like maybe the last time I might see them, but also, they’re not through with us.

We gotta celebrate the next album. We gotta celebrate the XX anniversary of XX.

Second act: only songs after Navy? OK, Chris did “Coax Me” for the “old folks” lol. I wonder if they all picked their faves to sing.

I ducked out during the last song (“The rest of my life”) to get my bags from coat check, to catch the bus, and because I’m old. I just want to go home. I’m tired. I hurt. I’m gonna hurt even more tomorrow because I danced on the floor.

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