Justin McElroy says that Dale Carnegie says that you can learn more about a person in a year of talking about them than two years of talking about yourself. I think that’s why I’m bored of blogging. I’ve been talking about myself my entire life. This is why I did the zine project in July. Now I need something else like it.

I started thinking I might write a post about today—about how it’s barely 5:30AM and I’ve already screwed up. It feels like self-sabotage but who knows anymore. I only know that my plans aren’t going to plan.

But I can fix this. And that’s what I was thinking I would write about—a reminder that being adaptable is the most important part of life.

But then I got bored of that blog post even before I started writing it. I’m just not interested in that anymore. But what am I interested in? My other goal for October was to figure out a blogging schedule. It doesn’t have to be a hard and fast project, but hey, it’s Friday.

  1. A few years, I started a habit of posting Four Things That Are Working For Me This Week. Today is Friday, which is as good a reason as any to restart a habit.

  2. I’m writing from Dos Hermanos, the nearest Mexican restaurant, usually my first eating stop on any US trip. Their tortillas are homemade and a yellow colour like no other.

  3. Thursday at my local grocery store is pizza night, when their take-and-bakes are only $9. I bought one last night for Thursday dinner, Friday bus lunch, and Saturday lunch while tabling. Good deal.

  4. While in Olympia, I’m staying at the Doubletree Hilton. Their bit is a warm chocolate chip cookie when you check in. It’s even on their comment card: Were you given a cookie? Yes, I was.

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