Pancakes are a top ten favourite food of mine. So when I saw this zine, Cold Pancakes, on Courtney Miller’s table, I had to have it. The title probably sounds unappetizing to most (and we’ll get to the symbolism in a moment), but I always make extra on the mornings I make pancakes. Another top ten food is cold pancakes spread with peanut butter.

The illustration on the cover is appetizing: a fat stack of pancakes with a chunk of butter on top and syrup drizzling down the sides. But this isn’t a happy zine. These are not happy pancakes. This zine is about wanting what you can’t have and being disappointed by it.

With only a simple line drawings and a lines of words, Courtney expresses a lot of feelings. Those feelings are connected to familiar images. Though I love to eat cold pancakes, I also know what it’s like to be disappointed when you don’t get what you want.

On the last page, the back cover, written above all the important information about the artist are two words: Art heals.