I was at the psychiatrist on Thursday, I started new meds and went to the dentist on Friday, I sold at a community festival on Saturday, and now it’s July 28th, but this is zine #25 I’m reviewing. At the end of this month, I will have 31 reviews, even if I don’t writing one a day. Sometimes you gotta write a bunch at once and catch up. And that has to be OK.

It seemed like a very good opportunity to read some of my zines by Dr. Faith G. Harper. Published by Microcosm, the Five Minute Therapy zines are short and to the point. Because it’s hard to deal with everything at once. Because it’s hard to change lifetime habits. Because it’s hard to know where to start.

I picked up Coping Skills: Because Sometimes Life Is Some Serious Bullshit. That’s the title. Don’t worry, the book isn’t nearly as long. If you can’t get to therapy, you can read this list of suggestions that might help.

They might not! But you have to try. If things aren’t working now, at least try something different. Maybe something from this book, or one of the other dozen(!) Dr. Harper has published. It’s worth a try.