Sarah Mirk is making a zine every day this year, and she’s more than halfway there! At the XOXO #writing meetup, she traded me her zine, The (Completely Subjective) Six Best Foods in Portland (According to Me), but there are so many more for you to explore. If you can swing it, support Sarah on Patreon and get some zines in the mail (the second best way to acquire zines, imho).

Six Best Foods is a classic mini-zine. It’s one of the easiest forms to make, which is why Sarah picked it for her daily zine project, I’m sure. This one is printed on orange paper, one of the traditional fast food colours. Why do we get hungry when we see orange, red, and yellow?

I haven’t spent a lot of time in Portland, but more than a lot of other US cities, and I’m realising now, paging through this zine, that I have tried none of Sarah’s recommendations. A goal for this year’s XOXO might have to be check at least one off the list. I love that she chose a variety of options, but also made sure to include pizza. (My favourite Portland pizza, on a rec from the hotel staff, is Sizzle Pie. I ate it twice in a single weekend.)

Sarah’s zines are all hand-drawn and hand-written. She writes about everything. She writes about what’s interesting to her. Hopefully, some of it is interesting to you, too.