When you spend all day at a zine fest, you get to know your table neighbours, even if you don’t get a chance to speak. Directly behind us at Euzine was Teddy Tsai. He’s an illustrator who draws the cutest, tiniest food, mostly Taiwanese food. I traded for his zine, Have You Eaten Yet? The phrase is sometimes used as a general greeting in the Chinese language, not only a question about lunch.

Structured as a simple list zine, Have You Eaten Yet? is punctuated with all-over pattern pages. Teddy was selling these as posters, too. The page of dumplings also has dipping sauces and chilies. There are also pages of drinks, buns, and fruit—all printed in bright colours. The colour printing adds so much to this zine. Each food item gets its own page with a full-colour illustration, the name in Taiwanese and an English pronunciation, as well as Teddy’s personal description and memories.

Food is my favourite thing, and learning about people’s favourites is my second favourite thing. I live in the suburbs of Vancouver, one of the most multicultural cities in the world. We have a lot of food here, yet I still learn about new dishes every day. Some of the items in this zine, like BBQ pork buns, are on my list of faves. Some, like mangosteen, I haven’t eaten yet. But I would like to try.