Iza bought my zine, The Cup, because she was there that crushing night the Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup. We started talking back and forth, and just the other day, the newest issue of her regular zine, The Happy Loner, arrived in my mail, with a lovely review of The Cup.

Originally from Québec, Iza spends most of her time travelling, many of those months in Vancouver—her second home. Issue #12 includes a long essay about that particular part of her life—her dual citizenship. She speaks English and French, our two official languages. She lives in the west and the east. She revels in every advantage Canada affords us.

The Happy Loner is a traditional perzine, containing a little bit of everything about one person. There are essays and reviews, info about lapel pins and YouTubers. What’s also traditional is the cut-and-paste-and-photocopy way Iza makes it, the collection of stamps on my envelope, as well as a rare Vancouver post office cancellation stamp. Iza uses everything and makes everything into art.