In my early days of collecting zines, when I had even less money and nothing to trade, I was always searching for free zines online to download. I’m sure that’s how I first discovered Marceline Smith.

I downloaded and printed everything she offered for free. I coveted her life of doing this kind of stuff full-time. Soon after I started following her blog, she had a sale of old zines, a random collection for very cheap, and I bought it.

Oddments, itself, is a random collection. Issue #1 is from 2010, but some entries were written years before. She writes about video games, lists of books about Japan and favourite iPhone apps, with drawings of daily outfits, and even a soup recipe. It’s a blog as a zine—exactly what I had been thinking about at that time.

I had already been writing online for nearly a decade. Oddments was that same casual documentation of a blog wrapped up in the formality of a book. It made me realise I could do what I’d been doing online, but on paper instead. I still wanted to be an author and have a book on library shelves, but until then, I could do something like this, all by myself.