At Euzine, I didn’t take nearly enough time to walk around the floor and see the rest of the tables. But over my shoulder, across the aisle, a bunch of bananas kept catching my eye.

I love bananas. They’re my favourite fruit and peanut butter’s best friend. Apparently, they’re Lilly Solano’s favourite, too. As the day started to wrap up, I took my chance to grab some last minute trades, and Lilly’s banana-covered table was the first I had to see.

We swapped a handful of zines and stickers, but Potential Failure And Other Musings is her showpiece. The cover is a landscape of litter, drawn in shades of blue. The black-and-white comic inside is mostly two-page spreads, not confined to boxes.

This is a comic about feelings, so many of them familiar to us all. The centre spread is a minimal mountain scene and only a few words: “The world has more to offer. Just allow yourself to grow.”