I think I bought this zine in Chicago because I think I was with my friend, Elisabeth. The title of this black-and-white comic is Elizabeth of Canada, and even though she spells her name differently, it made me smile.

Drawn by Michael Deforge in 2012, this is only #1 of a supposed series. Following a series of old links, I found the current website, but there’s no mention of Elizabeth of Canada. Issue 1 ends with “to be continued.” I hope it was.

Beyond the serendipitous name, the art is delightful. Thin lined geometric shapes are filled with hatched shading. Elizabeth’s hair is a limp sausage on her head. The eyes of every creature are so tiny. (I was not surprised to see Deforge worked on Adventure Time. The similarities are there.)

The other reason I’m sure I bought this comic in Chicago is because it’s about Canada (and by a Canadian! but I didn’t know that at the time). I get weird about Canada, especially when I’m away from home. It’s nice to be noticed.